Help us raise the funding needed to build and open an Irish Wolfhound Visitor Centre, here in County Mayo, Ireland Where visitors can meet our Irish Wolfhounds in their historical and natural habitat.

• learn of their history and the importance of these magnificent majestical beasts
• Explore the mythological association they have with our past legends and Gods
• Connect on a one-to-one level with their deep soulful feelings and needs
• Understand their intricate complexities and overwhelming strengths
• See, Meet, greet and pet these animals, the tallest breed of dogs in the world
• Find out how they became known as ‘War Dogs’ and how they could kill wolves, and protect their guardians to the death
• Hear the stories and tales of the wolfhound, that have passed down from generation to generation in Ireland for thousands of years
• Realise how important it is that the breed of the Irish Wolfhound, should be protected from going into decline
These wonderful Animals deserve to be known and understood, their history needs to be told.