Ever since I was a wee lad I wanted Irish wolfhounds, but it wasn’t until I was much, much older that
I found myself in the position; of owning enough land and having the time to actually realise my

Just before the 1 st lockdown here in Ireland I purchased my first Wolfhound, a beautiful female puppy, from a lovely man, Mark, from outside Monaghan town.

I asked my family to think of a name and my daughter-in-law, Edel, said that when my grandchildren would look up at her, they would see them in the sky – so we named her Spéir (Irish for Sky). On the Newyear's eve, before the Second lockdown, we purchased her companion and mate, from outside Ennis in County Clare. We decided to call him after an Irish Chieftain, and after much consideration, called him Máirtín, after Martin McGuinness.

As they have grown, they have become very close and always consider each other.

At times I believe they can read each other’s minds! This is most noticeable when they run together – the way they divide up simultaneously and them come together towards their goal.