It was a delightful evening with Aidan sharing so many wonderful stories and watching the Irish wolfhounds enjoy their walk with us. Very pleasant! Loved the stories and the dogs are such gentle giants.

Kiki and Tim

we've met Aidan and his 2 marvellous dogs at a beautiful beach by the Atlantics. meeting those royal and gentle giants was an inspiring experience, accompanied by the stories of mitology and ancient history. 

although my younger son doesn't understand much English, he had a great time by translation and hugging and walking those giants.

I think that every dog's lover, of any age, would enjoy that.


Aidan is a great host , Myself and my girlfriend absolutely loved the experience and Speir & Mairtin are both very well looked after dogs and so friendly , Couldn’t recommended this experience more location , Host and everything was absolutely perfect!


Fun, interesting and unique! Arrive early so you can see Aidan arrive with his dogs in a trailer (they’re that big!). Dogs are gentle and affectionate. Aidan had history to share with us in addition to great conversation. Beach location was also beautiful. Backdrop of mountain can’t be beat. We loved meeting the dogs and will remember this experience for years!


We absolutely loved our walk with Aidan, Spéir & Martín. The dogs are very friendly and we enjoyed a fascinating talk with Aidan - he is a great storyteller who had great historical knowledge and local recommendations too. This is a beautiful part of the world - the beach we walked was picturesque. We’d happily recommend this experience to others - it was a highlight in our trip.


C’était merveilleux! Il faut y aller! Découvrir une relation privilégiée entre Aiden et ses deux adorables plus grands chiens du monde! Quelle gentillesse et bienveillance chez ces deux êtres à quatre pattes. Et quel conteur fabuleux, au charisme inégalable! découvrir l’histoire de la pirate Kildavnet (Grace O’Malley en anglais) avec passion et admiration ne pouvait que ravir ma fibre féministe! Il faut que son histoire se fasse connaître ! Merci aux chiens et à Aiden pour servir de transmetteurs . Un immense merci!!


Aiden was a wonderful host, we highly recommend this tour! His puppy was super sweet and we enjoyed our time with both of them. Do not miss this one!


A very lovely experience with Aidan and Martín. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with such a beautiful dog. Aidan is a lovely person and wonderful story teller


This was by far one of our most favorite experiences while traveling the two weeks in Ireland. Magical, mystical and extremely fun. Aidan is a marvelous story storyteller, a warm and welcoming guide and the wolfhounds majestic and very friendly. The beach is absolutely beautiful. We also really loved the little coffee truck that’s at the beach. Highly, highly reco!!


Génial pour les amis des chiens! Le lieu est superbe et Aidan a des tas d'histoires à raconter! Mairtin est un chien adorable. Expérience à conseiller.


I could not have been happier with this experience! I was with five of my nephews ages 10 through 18, and my mom who is in her 70’s. Every one of us had an absolute blast. Aidan was so kind and thoughtful, a wonderful story teller and very knowledgeable historian. We learned so much, not just about his wonderful dogs, but about Irish history, too. The dogs were really just the icing on the cake; sweet as can be. We didn’t have transportation to the original site, and Aidan was so accommodating and brought the dogs to us. I’m so grateful to have had this unique and wonderful experience. Thank you, Aidan!


Absolutely fantastic walk on the beach with Aidan and the Wolfhounds this morning. The dogs were so sweet and friendly. They were playful and tolerant of my kids. They are clearly very well cared for and loved by their humans. We would certainly come back and visit them again. Bertra beach is a perfect location for an outing like this


We had such a wonderful walk with Aiden and his pups! I cannot recommend his company enough. We learned so much about the Irish Wolf Hound and the surrounding area. It was such a great find as we were traveling through Westport.


We spent a fabulous 2 hours with Aidan and his lovely wolfhounds - truly gentle giants ! We had great fun with them Aidan told us lots of interesting stories about Ireland. The walk is on Bertra Beach which is a beautiful site - even in the less than clement weather of today ! We highly recommend this experience and thanks again Aidan for a wonderful time with Martin and Speir


This was a great experience and definitely a highlight of our trip. Irish wolfhounds are such gorgeous animals, and it was pure joy to see them sprinting along the beach and playing in the waves. Aidan is an excellent dog owner as well as an excellent story teller. Thank you Aidan!


Aidan is a masterful storyteller and a wonderful caretaker of these incredible pups. We spent hours wandering a stunning beach in western Ireland while he regaled us with legendary tales about the wolfhounds, the coast of Ireland and the Irish people. We got to walk the dogs, cuddle with them and learn all about their breed. The dogs are LOVELY, so friendly and very gently. This was a perfect way to start the western leg of our Irish road trip and I cannot recommend this enough.


Aidan was excellent. we enjoyed the education, the stories, and of course the dogs. do not miss doing this walk if you're in the region.


You don’t want to miss this experience! Aidan is a wonderful storyteller and the beach setting at the bay is beautiful. The wolfhounds are so gentle and a real treat to interact with.


I can’t say enough good things about our walk with Aidan and his beautiful wolfhounds. The walk was wonderful and the we could have listened to his stories and history of Ireland for hours. I’d recommend everyone meet Aidan and his majestic Irish wolfhounds.


My siblings and I had been touring Ireland for the last 15 days and spending time with Aiden and his Wolfhounds was such a great moment to just be around these majestic dogs as the they walked and romped on the beach. Aiden’s Irish Wolfhound knowledge and his insight into the history of the breed made for a terrific time.


Unforgettable experience. Aidan is a really great storyteller. He also gave excellent recommendations for places to eat nearby. The beach location was beautiful. The Wolfhounds were gentle giants, and we loved spending time with Aidan and the Wolfhounds


Had a wonderful time walking the beach with Aidan and these beautiful dogs. We had our 8 month old with us and he was transfixed the whole time. Great memories.


This was an amazing tour that we will be sure to do again next time we are in County Mayo. The hike out was scenic and beautiful in the shadow of Croagh Patrick. The dogs are amazingly smart animals and are very gentle. Aidan was a great guide and even gave us a laundry list of restaurant and pub recommendations for the city of Westport.


Fantastic experience walking the dogs while listening to Aidan’s tales. We lucked out with the weather - it was mild and dry which was ideal for a walk down the wild beach. Our girls (aged 6 and 8) had a wonderful time cuddling and playing with the dogs. We would highly recommend this experience to all dog lovers.


What a wonderful experience! Adrian’s love for his majestic wolf hounds was abundantly clear throughout the day and the dogs themselves were the gentlest giants we could have wished to meet. It was a pleasure spending time with both humans and animals. The location too added a magical element to the day and this coupled with Adrian’s stories and his beautiful companions made it a day we’ll never forget.


If you're looking for a piece of authentic Ireland, Aidan & his Irish wolfhounds are just perfect! Aidan is so kind and friendly, and is a wonderful storyteller. Mairtín & Spéir are the gentlest of giants, and we loved watching them play on the beach - it was almost like watching a movie come to life, seeing such beautiful creatures be so happy! Aidan also had great local recommendations for us for the rest of our day. We will truly never forget this day of our trip because of this experience!


Spending time with Aidan and his Irish wolfhounds was our favorite part of our 11 day trip in Ireland. We specifically planned our itinerary to include a visit to the area for this incredible experience, and it did not disappoint. Aidan was entertaining and knowledgeable with great stories and facts about Ireland. The beautiful dogs, Spéir and Mairtin, were amazing, friendly and extremely fun to walk on the beach. Our family of four were in awe of these Irish wolfhounds, it was the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon on a gorgeous day at the beach. Highly recommended!