Walk With Irish Wolfhounds

you will meet Maggie Mae and Aidan at Bertra Beach

Walk With Irish Wolfhounds

you meet Spéir and Máirtín

Walk With Irish Wolfhounds

you meet Spéir and Máirtín

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Maggie Mae sitting with Irish Wolfhounds on the sand dunes of Bertra Strand.

Irish Wolfhound

We have two pure bred Irish Wolfhounds. They are an ancient breed of Irish dog, and the largest dog in the world!
You can meet up with us Maggie Mae and Aiden at Bertra Beach, outside Westport where we will introduce you to Spéir & Mairtín.
You can greet and cuddle the dogs. Learn how they like to be petted and scratched and watch them run and play. We will tell stories of the Legends of Cuchulain & his wolfhounds, from Irish mythology.
And explain why lords & kings liked to have wolfhounds around them. We can answer any questions about their care, eating habits, personalities, or any aspect of the dogs. At the end of the experience you can take photos of the dogs or we can take photos while you hold the dogs by yourselves. By that time you can have made two wolfhound friends.

Have a look at our shop. You can make purchases and collect on the day of your walk.

History of the Irish Wolfhound

Instinctively Irish Wolfhounds are hunters. They were bred to hunt and kill wolves, which once roamed the woodlands of Ireland. The last wolf was killed in County Carlow in 1786, after which the Irish wolfhound breed, went into decline. Though a natural hunter, the Irish Wolfhound is a gentle and loyal hound. With being the largest dog in the world (1), and commanding so much power, it is very important that they are well cared for and well socialised from a very young age.

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If you're looking for a piece of authentic Ireland, Maggie Mae & the Irish wolfhounds are just perfect! Maggie Mae is so kind and friendly, and is a wonderful storyteller. Mairtín & Spéir are the gentlest of giants, and we loved watching them play on the beach - it was almost like watching a movie come to life, seeing such beautiful creatures be so happy! Maggie Mae also had great local recommendations for us for the rest of our day. We will truly never forget this day of our trip because of this experience!


Maggie Mae is an amazing storyteller and a wonderful carer of these incredible pups. We spent hours wandering a stunning beach in western Ireland while he regaled us with legendary tales about the wolfhounds, the coast of Ireland and the Irish people. We got to walk the dogs, cuddle with them and learn all about their breed. The dogs are LOVELY, so friendly and very gently. This was a perfect way to start the western leg of our Irish road trip and I cannot recommend this enough.


We spent a fabulous 90 min with Maggie Mae and the lovely wolfhounds - truly gentle giants ! We had great fun with them. Maggie Mae told us lots of interesting stories about Ireland. The walk is on Bertra Beach which is a beautiful site - even in the less than clement weather of today ! We highly recommend this experience and thanks again Maggie for a wonderful time with Martin and Speir


Absolutely fantastic walk on the beach with Maggie Mae and the Wolfhounds this morning. The dogs were so sweet and friendly. They were playful and tolerant of my kids. They are clearly very well cared for and loved by Maggie Mae. We would certainly come back and visit them again. Bertra beach is a perfect location for an outing like this.


I could not have been happier with this experience! I was with five of my nephews ages 10 through 18, and my mom who is in her 70’s. Every one of us had an absolute blast. Maggie Mae was so kind and thoughtful, a wonderful story teller and very knowledgeable historian. We learned so much, not just about his wonderful dogs, but about Irish history, too. The dogs were really just the icing on the cake; sweet as can be. We didn’t have transportation to the original site, and Maggie Mae was so accommodating and brought the dogs to us. I’m so grateful to have had this unique and wonderful experience. Thank you, Maggie Mae.


What can we say, what a awesome time we had. Maggie Mae and the stories along with the dogs was just incredible.

Maggie tells the most amazing stories and relly knows her stuff. She showed us places for the perfect photos.

Really boik this walk , learn about the dogs and hear their stories tild with love and passion.

Ed and Sarah