Do I need to special footwear when I go on the Experience with the Wolfhounds? 

Sturdy flat footwear (boots or trainers) would suffice. It’s a moderate 2-hour leisurely walk along the beach.  

What clothing should I wear? 

Comfortable clothing and take account of the weather.  A rain jacket can come in handy and if it’s cold or blowy out, wear warm clothes.

The time of the walk does not suit me – can I change it? 

Yes, you can request a different time, and hopefully we will be able to accommodate you (let me know you requested times as early as possible).

We cannot get to Bertra Beach, can you bring the wolfhounds into Westport? 

If you cannot get out to the beach, let me know and we, hopefully will be able to work something out that will accommodate your needs.

Is there somewhere to park our car? 

Yes, we will be meeting you at the entrance of the Car park at Bertra Beach.

Can we get photographs with the Wolfhounds? 

Yes, you can take photographs at any time during the walk.  

Will I be able to walk the wolfhounds on the lead? 

Yes, once the wolfhounds get to know and trust you, you can take them on the leads.

Are the Wolfhounds safe with children? 

Yes, our wolfhounds are safe with children.