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Couples Walk with Irish Wolfhounds- 90 minutes

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    Couples Walk with Irish Wolfhounds- 90 minutes

    This walk is for two people. It gives you the time to walk the dogs for 90 minutes while soaking up the magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean.
    In the individual walk it can cater for a large amount of people, which means that if there is  a large number of people they may only get 10 minutes to walk the dogs. 
    This walk lets two people experience the Irish Wolfhounds in their full glory, and you can take photos/videos anytime. 
    popular legend of Ireland lies the story of Finn McCool.

    You will definitely find a thing or two about them that is guaranteed to catch your interest. So, grab a coat and get ready for an amazing walk on Bertra Beach, in Westport with the Irish Wolfhounds Spèir and Maìrtìn 🍀
    We also can prepare you a picnic. Drop up an email for more information and a menu. 

    Would you like the experience of walking freely along with two pure bred Irish Wolfhounds at your side?

    You can meet up with Maggie Mae at Bertra Beach, outside Westport where I will introduce you to Spéir & Mairtín.
    You can meet, greet and cuddle the dogs. Learn how they like to be petted and scratched and watch them run and play.
    I will tell you stories about Grainne Uaile (Grace O’Malley), our legendary Pirate Queen! and of the Legends of Cuchulain & his wolfhounds, from Irish mythology. And explain why the past lords & kings of Ireland kept the wolfhounds around them.
    I can tell you about we take care of their personal needs and eating habits. Explain about their beautiful, deep personalities, and answer as best I can any questions you may have about these majestical hounds. At the end of your experience, you can take photos of the dogs or I will take photos for you, while you hold the dogs by yourselves. By that time, you may have made two wolfhound friends.